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How to promote a barbecue (part 2) 
Calculating the quantity of meat. 
2175430295_97976f2a83In order that the quantity of meat is calculated for a barbecue, one remembers that there will be persons who will consume only 250 gr and whom will come consuming up to 1 kg of meat. Then, to calculate the quantity, 400 is recommended to 600 gr of meat for adults and 300 gr for each child.
But if you are going to serve several types of meat, increase the quantities for type of meat, not to risk the lack of meat if prefer all to consume an alone type. Take into account that besides meat, his guests will be going to consume also attendances (bread of garlic, salads, boasts,rice, aperitifs, vinaigrette, etc.).
Be certified of buying products of quality and of good origin. All the meat of the ox is good if the origin will have been. Between the beefs most chosen for the realization of the barbecue they are: picanha, rib, steak mignon, against steak, rump steak, termite, maminha, fraldinha and bisteca, also known how chuleta.
The process of flavoring of the meat for barbecue is very simple. Independently of the meat, the best flavoring for the barbecue is the thick salt. One remembers that in a barbecue, the meat must be for around an hour in the room temperature,  that is out of the fridge and a few minutes are seasoned before being taken to the barbecue.
Grilled meats x roast
Define which pieces will be roasted and which will be grilled. Separate the big pieces of salt for the first ones, and the least pieces for the second one.
In the grilled meats, the most thick parts of the pieces must be turned to the bottom of the barbecue that is the sector with more concentration of heat, being that after 10 or 15 minutes (the time can vary according to the barbecue grill) the pieces must be turned. The piece will have to be divided in several pieces or portions and will have to be to 15 cm of the hot coal.
To roast already, the meat is taken to the barbecue in whole piece (with around 1 kilogram) and it must be to a height of 60 cm of the hot coal. To roast a picanha, for example, is necessary firstly to place it in the place in such a way that the fat is turned up and, after around 30 minutes she must be turned.
The meat must never be washed, since the water will be going to harden it.
Extracted text of OZ Organize
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