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To bring together the friends and close to barbecue is one of the best programs for a weekend.

2151499041_a6747a38ddTo carry out a good barbecue, besides the presence of dear persons, it is necessary to be able to choose and to prepare tasty meats and of quality. The projection is going to do so that there is less preoccupation and more casualness in his event.

Choice of the barbecue grill

The first thing to be done is to choose the type, model and size of the barbecue. As for the type, there are the barbecues in masonry, the built ones from prefabricated kits and the metal ones, which are acquired already ready in resales.
While choosing sweat it one remembers that a good barbecue must be closed in the side ones and in the part from behind, so that there is bigger concentration of heat in his inner area. Also the use of barbecues grill is recommendable in masonry, which have internal revetment in heat-resistant bricks. They hold more heat in his internal area, whereas the metal ones give out much heat for the external area, being able to turn in inflammations in the human body how, for example, in the region of the abdomen.
The barbecue must not contain grill to the bottom for the fall of ashes in the drawer, since the ashes must be inside the barbecue to be used in the restriction of flames. Be preoccupied by the systems of graduation of the grills and places for spits.
In the market there are two systems of tuning: one is formed by cranks and currents that raise and go down the structure from steel inox, what serves like support for the grills, according to the necessity, but applies for great maintenance; and other consists of several rails or metal pieces, installed in several heights, for the socket of grills and spits, this model does not need great maintenance and is acquired at a more accessible price.

Choosing and preparing the coal

One does not forget of buying the coal, the principal raw material for the food of the hot coal of the barbecue. You can choose between three types: the mineral, the compact and the vegetable, being a last East most found in the market, the most used, besides having more accessible cost.
To guarantee a good hot coal, it is necessary to acquire vegetable coal that is completely dry. A good vegetable coal is that traitor in big pieces and not in powder. Cover the bottom of the barbecue in a depth of 20 cm. Use lighters type gel for bigger security.
One remembers that the meat must be taken only to the barbecue grill after the coal is in burning coal. The burning coal must consist in the center and the side ones must be used for supply from coal and the ashes used in the restriction of flames.
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