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What a good Grill Man needs to have it is a good knife. Not to spoil the meats in the hour of precouple or to serve, it is necessary always to maintain the thread of the knives in the right point of cut. A grinder's new model, which works being turned on the table or any other smooth surface, promises to help in this task of easy and practical way: you put the knife in the groove of the appliance maintaining on appropriate inclination, roll the appliance for front and backwards and promptly.

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Must be of easy cleaning, maintain the heat and to be functional when there is allowing the appropriate use of the spits, grill and the plate. A good architect will be able to project a good barbecue.

One of the secrets of the well done barbecue is the heat of the hot coals and never the flame. The fuel is the coal.

To light the fire is easy

Use only a gel lighter. Never use kerosene, petrol, tiner, etc. so besides passing taste for the meat, damaging the health, there can be explosion.
After putting coals, put the alcohol slowly, at three different places.
Light the match and play it on the alcohol.
If the fire not to stick, does not put alcohol again. Wait a little and he will see which some coals set fire. Use then the fan up to lifting a small flame. Repeat the operac√£o of shaking up to having a few good lighted hot coals. Spread the coals, using it " it spreads hot coals ". Give more someone shaken. Put the meats in spits, protected by the fat or bone, like the case of the picanha and of the rib.

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  1. I have found that a round metal fire starter far superior to lighter fluid for starting bar-b-que. Ok, maybe the start is a little slower, but the taste factor is worth it in my book.