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When someone listens to the word barbecue, immediately it associates it, to the people from Rio Grande do Sul in the south of Brazil.

1731090266_d4c54b72f5There, one be able up to discussing the point of the meat, of the cut, or salted, they are not to me as it will question the existence of determined rules in the hour of doing a good barbecue. 

Way of preparation
Avoid to buy frozen meats. If that will be  inevitable to thaw out in room temperature for around 12 hours. Do not even think in avoiding to buy thin meat to satisfy the flat ones.
Do not buy meats if the fat is of dark yellow. This is an indication of old animal, in other words, hard meat. In the specific case of rib, flat and big bone it is an old animal, while small and round bones are of young bull. The ribs must be bought in strips from 8 to 10 cm of width. The central ribs of the animal give preference.
The cut of the meat must be done in the cross sense to the length of the fibers of the muscle. Shavings meats can be useful to do brochetes – when it was known how xixo in Rio Grande do Sul – with onion and pepper.
Let the meats catch color and heat before salting: take away of the fire and spread – without exaggeration – thick or middle salt for all the meat. The meat salted well before being put to roast is hard and dries.
The thinnest side of the meat must be turned for the fire. So, there will not be loss of fat. The ribs must be roasted by the bone down. A good fuel for the fire is the bone of the animal to be roasted. The best fire is in what a layer of ash is formed over the brazier, obstructing the formation of flames.
The flame never must touch the meat. Do not be touching the fire. Always touch the meat, standing up, going down etc. It swims of playing water on the hot coal. The ideal, again, is to lift the meat. According to the flames be lessen of size, the roaster can choose in bringing near the meat of the hot coal.
Do not turn the bag from straight coal on the grill when there is meat roasting. So, powder and hot coal will be lifted. Catch the pieces from coal and with the hand put slowly in the brazier. After ready, the meat must be beaten to set the thick salt free in her.
Serve gradually.
(Extracted article of the site Brasil Sabor)
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  1. Believe-me this "Grill Man" knows what his talking about. I enjoyid many times his barbecue, Its Amazing !!!
    And his references are very trustful : George + Sabor Brasil is really good combination and a taste meat!!!

  2. i agree!! i can't wait this summer to enjoy it again...