» » » » Fraldinha (Flank Steak) in Garlic

Ingredients  1 fraldinha extra-clean
Salt thick  to taste
3 spoonfuls of soup, pasta, garlic
1 cup of soybean oil

Method of Preparing

Wipe the entire piece, so that no nothing about fat or membranes. The next step is to play a little salt on a thick piece, and with the hand, spread the paste of garlic on meat in a uniform manner, while no piece of it without the seasoning on top. Then, leading to the barbecue and hot and leave the piece roasting for 40 minutes, at 30 centimeters from the grid, and 20 minutes by each side. This time is estimated.
So it is in the eye of meat to take on the desired point. Serve in slices, cut against the grain of the meat. 
Recipe provided by Sidney Maluf
Image by Ezra Pound Cake

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