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Since the beginning of humanity meat is a food consumed by their very high protein content and much appreciated by its flavor.
79373559_181d0cfadcIn its Latin name was "housing", which means "what sustains life." For its high nutritional value meat "claims" our body, and his versatility is a strong weapon of all kitchen at any time.
Today, the word "meat" is popularly defined as: "a part of the animal that serves as food for man." This concept covers the meat of birds and mammals, including fighters in general and fish. Scientifically meat is called "the set of tissues, with color and consistency characteristics, which zaprto v the skeleton of the animals."
The main types of meat used in food are: cattle, bubalina (buffalo), swine (pig), goats (goat / kid), sheep (lamb / mutton / lamb), poultry (domestic or wild), fish and game . We have news that in some Asian countries also consume dog meat, but this is just a habit located.
The beef is the most widely used worldwide. For consumers in general, the price charged for it is a determining factor when it comes to choosing the cut. The amount of meat necessary to achieve revenues of cooked, cakes and meat is always lower than that required for steaks or roasts.
Some factors influencing the quality of the meat: age, gender, general health conditions and the amount of fat carried by the animal. Others, determine the quality: the size of muscle fibers, its texture, irrigation blood (more or less) received by the distribution of muscle and fat (in coverage through fibre). Animals have new meat clearer and more young than old horse. So the meat of veal is more pink.
Nutritional Value
The main role of meat in food is to provide protein, iron and vitamin B12, essential for the maintenance of health. The vegetarians, for example, need to restore these substances by chemical supplements.
The meat is the food that contains the greatest amount of iron, and it is very important to combat anemia, especially in high risk groups, which include children, women in a state of pregnancy and the elderly in general. People belonging to these age groups living or the condition of pregnant women need to eat greater amounts of iron to keep the body healthy.
If the lack of consumption of meat can bring negative consequences to our body, consume in excess can also do harm. According to nutritionists, a "balanced diet" to an adult with normal weight (75kg) shall contain 100g of red meat twice a day. More than this is exaggeration and will require more effort of the body to be digested.
Source Manual do Churrasco - Site in Portuguese from Brazil
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