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gca0266l If you're thinking about cooking on a barbecue then you may be worried about the quality of food that you are likely to produce. Don't panic, it's perfectly possible to produce a great meal for your guests.
You may have had some bad experiences of barbecue cooking in the past. Many of us will be familiar with food that has either been burnt to a crisp, or under-cooked.
Avoiding these cooking disasters is really a mixture of common sense and experience. Firstly, let's deal with the issue of how you select the food that you are going to cook.
If you're an inexperience BBQ cook, or you're feeling low on confidence, then don't try to produce a complex meal. This could be a real disaster.
Besides, most of your guests are likely to be happy with some simple food that's been well cooked. Aim to cook the basics and to cook them well - this will make a greater positive impact.
It's worth putting some thought into the cooking before you light the barbecue. For instance, do you have an idea of how long each of the elements will take to cook.
Ideally, you should have an image of which parts of the meal will be cooked at which moment of the day.
When you come to do the actual cooking, you need to aim to get a fairly even heat. You don't want some pieces of food to be burning, while others are barely being cooked at all.
Try to make sure that the charcoal is spread out pretty evenly if you are using this source of fuel.
Be aware of the dangers associated with food preparation too. You should not, for instance, allow raw meats or their juices to come into contact with cooked meats.
Don't take any such risks. Keep safe and enjoy the day. If you cook everything correctly then you can really provide a day to remember.

By: Keith Barrett

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