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By: Spencer Wilkins

Today you have two basic choices when you are selecting which kinds of patio barbecues it is you want for your backyard. You could either select to go for one that runs on gas or you can go the more traditional route and buy one that uses charcoal in order to cook the food. But as you will soon learn both types have their advantages and disadvantage and which one you buy will come down to the one that you prefer the most.
Certainly, of the two styles of barbecues that one can now purchase the gas versions are increasing in popularity over the more traditional charcoal ones. Below we take a look at just what are some of the advantages and disadvantages to be had from either owning a gas or a charcoal barbecue for your patio.
1. Gas barbecues are proving more popular simply because they are easy to operate and you do not have to bother with messy charcoal or starting fluid when using it. However, you will need to purchase the right sorts of coals for your gas barbecue and these can prove to be quite expensive in comparison to charcoal.
2. The actual cost of buying a charcoal barbecue over a gas one is much less. Remember with a charcoal one all you need to then purchase are the charcoals and starting fluid. Whilst with a gas one you need to get the coals (lava rock or ceramic briquettes) along with a gas cylinder.
3. The big disadvantage that a charcoal barbecue has over a gas one is the actual time it takes before you can actually start cooking. On a gas one once the flames have been ignited you only have to wait a matter of a couple of minutes before the coals inside are hot enough for them to be able to cook the food properly. However, with a charcoal one you need to wait quite a while after lighting the charcoals, as the flames need to die down and only then are they hot enough to be able to cook the food correctly.
4. Another big advantage to be gained from owning a gas barbecue is that there are several different additional pieces of equipment that you can get for it. You will often find that most good quality gas patio barbecues come with a side burner already attached alongside the actual grill. With this, you can prepare sauces or other kinds of side dishes that are to be served with your main meal. Also, if you want to spend a little more money you can get smokers, rotisseries and pan roasters to go with your gas barbecue as well.
5. Above we have shown you a number of the advantages and disadvantages to be had from owning either kind of barbecue. But there is one thing that you will not really see any difference with when you cook on either type and that is the way that the food tastes. In fact, there is very little difference that you will notice in just how great the good tastes whether being cooked using gas or charcoal.
It does not really matter which kind of patio barbecues you choose to buy, you just need to make sure that it has been made using good quality steel. Also if you can look for one that has a good warranty on it as well, ideally, one that you will expect to provide you with around 10 years of grilling.

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