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By: Gary Pearson

Grilled steak is a favorite with a lot of people. Although it is not very difficult to grill steaks there are some methods which are very helpful for grilling perfect steaks. Mentioned below are some very good tips which will help you prepare the steak prior to putting it on the grill.
Many people like to just throw their steak right on the grill after they pull it out of the freezer. Some people feel that leaving it in the refrigerator overnight will make the steak tender enough to throw onto the grill. Steaks are best grilled when they are left out for several hours, gradually bringing the steak to about the outside temperature. By not thawing a steak properly, you are more than likely going to have different parts of the steak cooked unevenly. This is because parts of the steak will be more frozen then others.

You may not realize it but preparing the steak well before putting it on the grill holds a lot of importance. It is also needed to trim the extra fat like you do for other types of meat. The fat does not allow the steak to be grilled well and evenly. Cover the meat after you have added all the spices for some time so that all the flavors have been soaked by the steak. It is good to keep it for some time but avoid keeping it for more than a day.
The grill should be heated at the right temperature. You can bring the temperature to maximum on a gas grill for this and if you are using a charcoal grill allow the coal to come to its full heating capacity. Remember that the charcoal is at the maximum temperature when the color turns white. You can make the grill hotter by covering it for some time and it will not harm it in any way. You should have the correct temperature to cook the steak well and so you should make the grill as hot as possible
The taste as well as the cooking of the steak depends on the way you have prepared it. You can be sure that if you have taken the advice on how to prepare the steak, you will get the most perfect grilled steaks.

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