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The term “Blog” is coined by the words “Web log”. Web log is a web site where details are placed in a reverse chronological order and is often updated with new informations and developments by the owner of the site or contributed by the users. It generally uses a conversational type of documentation and often gives comments and point of views on the topics of interests on which the site is created.
Generally blogs comprise of texts, hypertexts, art, photographs, images, sketch, music and sometimes they provide links to other web pages, videos, etc. Blogging is authoring, maintaining or adding an article or related material to an existing blog.
Blogs are of many kinds such as Personal Blogs, Corporate Blogs, Media type blogs, Political blogs, Art logs, travel blogs, fashion blogs, education blogs, etc.
Personal Blogs are the most common blogs in that persons create their own web sites to note their commentaries on particular subjects which interest them and it takes the form of a running diary. In fact, the modern blog evolved from this online diary habit, where people would keep a running account of their personal lives.
Corporate blogs can be used in the business area to enhance communications internally within the corporation and externally for marketing and branding.
Media type blogs comprise of videos, links, sketches, photos, etc.
An Artlog is a format of blog in which sharing and publishing of art work is done predominantly rather than textual work.
Though blogging had a slow start, it gained popularity rapidly and its usage spread gradually with the arrival of blog tools. Now it has become a kind of mainstream because it is updated daily and the viewer knows that something changes every day and there is also a personal point of view and on some sites you can even respond with the Web sites and its participants.
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