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When you weigh up the cost of living at home during the winter months, when you are retired, I am sure it works out to be more than $9.69 a day? 
The warm winter sunset lights the trees in the cold blue winter land
Also it is the most miserable time of the year, except for Christmas and New Year celebrations of course. Think of everything you have to pay out for heating, electricity, hot water, television, telephone, using you PC etc etc. And there is no doubt that your bills are all higher in the colder months as there is little chance of you wanting to go out. Not to mention have to prepare food for only one or two of you at home which can work out expensive.
Yet for a daily amount you could enjoy the Florida sunshine in a luxury villa and spend time with family or friends whilst your neighbours suffer the harsh winters at home.
Here's the plan; Ask 7 of your friends to join you on a trip to Florida, given they have the time to spend 7 weeks away from home. Get a quote for a 4 bedroom villa that sleeps 8 people and away you go.
Imagine a 4 bed luxury villa which includes accommodation, heating, electricity, hot water, free phone calls to anywhere in the world WOW, free internet usage, a solar heated swimming pool, oh and most of all NO SNOW. Also cooking meals for 8 people works out much cheaper than having to make a meal just for one or two, economy of scale.
You couldn't live at home for that price even if you lived in a tent!!
Just think of waking up in a nice warm climate, walking outside in your summer clothes, eating your boiled eggs and toasted bread by the pool, sipping on a long cool drink and watching snow blizzards, on the T.V. of course. Lighting the BBQ for an early evening steak dinner, eating it as you watch the sunset in peaceful tranquil surroundings then sitting by the pool with a glass of wine and unwind the evening away.
Or would you prefer hot drinks and a water bottle to take to bed to keep you warm and some extra large fuel bills to pay.
Go on make that first move and ask all your family and friends who would like to live in Florida for 7 weeks and enjoy the sunshine instead of the snow? I bet they all would! Who knows that might be that many that take you up on the offer that you will need 2 or 3 villas?
Alternatively if you only get 3 others to go with you it would still only work out at $19.38 a day per person.
Stay warm this winter, you know it makes sense!
About the author:
Phil Howard has been renting his beautiful holiday villa in Florida for over 12 years and he wants you to have the holiday of a lifetime. See why his florida holiday villa is occupied for over 40 weeks every year
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