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Starting a blog is easy. Making money with the same blog takes some know-how. Blog Success shows you starting a profitable blog is easy when you know the right people! 
You should really ask: Why shouldn’t you?
A blog, short for web log, is a major piece of the innovation dubbed Web 2.0, or the evolution from static web page surfing to a more collaborative, interactive second-generation Internet community. Blogging involves real-time, ongoing communication with readers, giving them the ability to respond and react to posts instantaneously. If you have a business either online, offline or both, you need a blog.
Major industry players like PR leader Hill and Knowlton and computer maker Dell, among others, have already built a strong and loyal blog following.
Businesses use this communication medium to enhance customer relationships, strategically position their company, show their expertise, test new ideas and products and strengthen consumer interest.
But equally important to corporate bloggers are the individuals who use their blog as a diary or forum for personal expression. Bloggers add tremendous value, providing independent journalism, sharing stories which might otherwise be considered too controversial or insignificant for mainstream media, exposing scams, sharing universal experiences or providing entertainment.
Blogs give users the control to set privacy preferences, allowing full public distribution, subscriber or invite-only, or restricted access to only the poster. This helps anyone stay in touch, build a social network or private journal. Post opinions, or share poetry or artwork on your blog and open up rewarding feedback and communications opportunities. To engage their readers, bloggers can include home or viral videos, audio clips, photos and downloadable files like a resume, brochure or white paper. The more interactive the better, with popular bloggers talking to their audience, asking questions and soliciting advice. This makes readers feel important and involved.
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