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This is the personal blog of George, I call myself the nickname "The Grill Man". Why?
Because barbecue is my profession, currently working in a restaurant, and I'm a grill
man there.
But I like other things too, such as: computers, blogging, photo, cameras, films, and ,
When I am not working, spent most of my time on the computer, and then thought to
myself, why not write a blog with things I like?
Well, I am Brazilian, born in Rio de Janeiro, long ago (rs), worked in Brazil with
business administration, (which was started to enjoy playing with computers.)
Created to centralize the “The Grill Man” only my notes on thoughts. But with time I
was enjoying to play, improving the look and expanding the issues. At the same time
that my experiences reported in its customization.
Here I write my personal thoughts, opinions and comments about topics I’am passionate
about such barbecue, computers, blogging, tecnology. It is a hobby and even run some
advertising, aim is not money, but I express with pleasure and freedom.
That’s it, I hope you enjoy. If you have any questions, suggestions, praise or
criticism, please contact me using the form or leave a message in the comments of the
Disclaimer: The views expressed on this blog are personal.

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