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This is a recipe for FEIJOADA, however, in my life, never met two people to prepare the way for feijoada exactly the same.This particular recipe is made for more or less 10 people.   Traditionally it is considered to be almost impossible to prepare a feijoada "small", that is, this is usually a dish we do when we are in many people.

Please read the entire recipe before you start your preparation!
Another important point: it is much better prepare the feijoada with all its additions - sauce, flour, rice and cabbage.
500 g      black beans 
500 g      foot of salted pork
200 g      tail of salted pork
200 g      ear of salt pork
200 g      rib salt
500 g      paio (sausage)
400 g      beef and pork salt 
200 g      charqui (dry meat)
2               oranges

The beans and meat

The ingredients are wet salted since the day before, replacing the water several times. Many recommend doing so in separate containers for not mixed the flavors.
Cook the meat in separate containers, except paio, which only enter later. At this stage even the meat should not be cooked, a little before being soft will be withdrawn.
In a large pan, bring the beans to cook together with the pre-cooked meat, the paio (without skin), two oranges in half and open shell, salsinha, chives and laurel.
As each meat is ready, remove. Cut into small pieces (plus or minus 6 cm.) Reserve.
When the beans are cooked and tender, return to pan the meat already cut. Add garlic, red pepper sauce, and try our seasoned.
Make sure the salt, and only if it is even necessary retifique. Since almost all the meat being salted, it is common to feijoada result salt.

The Cabbage
Cut the cabbage into thin strips.
Seasonings  to stew (onion, garlic, bacon, smell green).
The cabbage, after being washed, it is cut into very thin strips (the Portuguese: it is exactly the cabbage broth of green).
Prepare a pan, first the bacon (in 2  spoons of soup oil), then the minced onion, and finally the garlic, not to burn.
Add the cabbage, without adding water. Add salt (this point place less than believes is necessary). Download the fire to medium or low. Stir well. Recap the pot for a few minutes only. The very cabbage will make water, and will cook in their own water. Re-move and re-plug until it is ready.
The cabbage is ready in a short time (when the amount is higher, take this into consideration) and decreases its volume too.
The cabbage is delicious prepared in this way and follows several other dishes extremely well.

The Pepper Sauce
Broth's own bean
Red pepper (Malagueta)
Smell green (parsley and chives)
The pepper sauce, not even missing a feijoada!
His preparation is quite simple and consists of removing the bean, when it is already done, with all the meat, only a little of the broth (500 ml calculate, for example).
In a container, crushing the red peppers (the amount varies with the like), add the broth of beans, then the smell green bitten.
Take the table with a spoon. Each person will serve up as love.
The feijoada is served with white rice, cabbage (recipe above), toasted manioc flour, the pepper sauce (recipe above) and oranges shelled and without the white part which is under the shell, cut into rodelas (these are not taken by mandatory by everyone ...).
Serve the Feijoada
Traditionally the feijoada is a meal for large groups (we are talking in 10 people or more).
And it is a traditionally informal meal, or we are all in the family or friends, those groups where people can eat the bone and nobody cares the least. Until because they also have much to eat "by hand" ...
That said, we can now put the issue of serve the feijoada.
I had the privilege to personally be present to numerous feijoadas. I can say that only very rarely a feijoada itself was served at the table in sleepers. Normally, of a quantity of food, and if it is an informal group, opts up by lead the table on sleepers only the sauce, cabbage and oranges, sometimes also the rice. That is, each is served at will, directly from the pan.
I was also on occasions where the environment was more formal, each food was served on sleepers, as required a good education. But I confess that even though like to see me to myself as a civilized person for any reason a feijoada surrounded by calm, without the confusion of the whole family gathered, and some many friends "to the mix," good ... Feijoada is that it seems ...
Ah! There is also another aspect: there are people who have a "ritual" to serve themselves and eat the feijoada. Some (I am) serve up the meat first, cut them carefully, separating the bones, then serve up bean, which mix the meat, put the sauce on top, over a meal, over the rice and beside (yet over "hand"?), cabbage and pieces of orange.
Yes, you are absolutely right, it is not something you eat very often ...
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  1. Its good, yummy


  2. I love black beans and rice. I would have to remove the pork from this recipe as I do not eat meat...otherwise it sounds delicious :)