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Blogging is very popular today. The two main blogging platforms are blogger.com and Wordpress. The platform that will work best for you depends on many factors. Learning the advantages and disadvantages of each will help you make that decision.
Blogger allows you to put up a blog quickly and easily. There is no need for you to have a website or a domain name. Blogger hosts the blog for you.
Registration is free and takes only minutes. Once you are registered, you can immediately begin to set up your blog. Templates are provided for you to use and can be easily changed at any time to give your blog a new look.
When you add a post, you simply name it and, if you have a website, link it to your site so visitors can easily visit your site by clicking on the title.
Type in your text and preview it to be certain it looks good. Then publish it. Your blog is now live.
If it's this easy, why would you not simply choose Blogger and be done with it?
When you get done posting, you need to ping your blog. Let blogging networks know you have just updated your blog. You can do so by going to Pingomatic.com and entering the name of your blog and the url address of your blog. Click on the websites you want to ping and you're done.
If you don't take time to ping, there's a good chance no one will find your blog. This pinging is not hard, but it is an extra step you need to take when you post, unless you are posting for just family and/or friends.
The fact that Blogger is hosted at Blogger also means they can delete your blog at any time. You don't have total control over your blog. Chances are this will not happen, but it does tend to make many marketers worry a bit.
Wordpress, on the other hand, is hosted on your hosting service. You use your domain name and the Wordpress blog is in it's own folder. You have total control over your blog.
Once setup, it is very easy for you to post to it. You go into the administration area and write a post. When you are finished, you click to publish it. If you have setup Wordpress properly and have listed auto posting at Pingomatic, your post will automatically be pinged to the blogging networks. You do not have an additional step.
There are also many templates for you to use and it is possible to configure these templates to fit your needs. Once again, you have more control.
However, Wordpress can be a little complicated to install and, to take full advantage of it, there are many different plugins you will need to install as well. This can be a bit of a daunting task and something you might not want to be bothered with.
You do have to have a domain name and you have to have web hosting set up. These costs may limit the number of different blogs you might want to publish, whereas Blogger allows you to make as many blogs as you want on different subjects and you never pay anything.
Some people have blogs using both platforms. You need to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of each and make your decision accordingly, The best way is to dive in and give it your best shot.
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  1. Wordpress is King!

    I once used Blogger a few years back, but I felt that there were so many rules. Although it was free, the restrictions and limited functionality made me look for another blogging platform.

    Fortunately, I found Wordpress, and I've never been happier. Of course, getting my own webhost and domain name cost me some, but it paid off eventually,

  2. Wordpress FTW! Even though I never tried Blogger. I am loyal, I guess?

  3. One option as wasn't likely brought up would have to be BlogDrive, which is probably one of the last independent blog hosting services around.

    Which probably makes them all the more attractive as a viable blog hosting option.

  4. Very nice comparison. I just chose blogger randomly. Looks like it wasnt a bad choice.

  5. Interesting post.

    I am often asked about how to set up a blog and which platform(s) to use. With WordPress, your creativity is unbound, only limited by your ability to learn programming and coding. Plus, on WordPress, you always gotta worry about the latest upgrades/updates, and even then, those upgrades/updates can and do cause more problems.

    I have a Blogger site that I call my "trash site" where I can write about stuff I wouldn't ordinarly write at my blog now. The nice thing about Blogger is its simplicity, but beyond that, I ain't got much else to say about Blogger.

  6. gud review.. just my opinion..
    u said : "The fact that Blogger is hosted at Blogger also means they can delete your blog at any time. You don't have total control over your blog."
    its true.. but i dont think google will do that.. they rules the internet with so much service they conquer from search, video (how much they bought for Youtube?), maps, calendar, document, reader, friend connect, manymore.. including the latest 'fastflip'.. and the list keeps expanding..
    so to me i dont think google will simply delete this (their no.1 / maybe no.2) products.. this all makes profit for them & user like us.. possibility if they delete this servis (just like previously yahoo deletes the geocities free hosting) depends on the popularity (just like geocities, previously quite popular now they quit)..

    u said : "Wordpress, on the other hand, is hosted on your hosting service. You use your domain name and the Wordpress blog is in it's own folder. You have total control over your blog."
    WPress also hosted on its own server UNLESS we buy domain name & hosting server for it.. (i.e yourname.wordpress.com) its the same situation here.. well i have both blogspot & wordpress (without my own hosting & without domain name) to play around whats the pro & contra among them..

    In short.. blogspot is quite user friendly and suite for beginner.. now blogspot supports own domain name..
    WP more to advance blogger with professional looks & feels.. abit hard to manage for some maybe..
    the Question which is better is depends on the blogger.. ;)

  7. Vectorism,
    I really enjoyed your comment, and you're right, as in this article do not want to convince people who is the best, just to make comparison.
    Particularly I prefer Blogger, for me it is a giant market, do not use WP for my reasons.
    Thanks for your comment again.
    And do not forget to come back.

  8. Great post... I like Blogger for it's simplicity, you blog, and still allows me to make the changes I need like my own domain name. Wordpress seems the same as building my own website and paying for hosting which I already do on another site so what's the point? The choice to me is simple: free or pay for it. =)

  9. I have both but i prefer Wordpress!! I have been on wordpress 3 months now and love it!

  10. I love Wordpress! There are so many plugins and themes available that it makes customizing your blog a breeze. Actually I have 6 blogs and all of them are on wordpress with different themes. And all of them are hosted for FREE! It is a great way to practice your coding skills as well.

  11. Wordpress may be better because it has many themes and pluggin, but until now I very hapy use blogger

  12. I just familiar with blogger...very easy for me....

  13. I have 3 blogger blogs and find it easy to use, have had no trouble with feeling like I couldn't do what I want with control over it. I had a blog on today and couldn't remember allt he rules there, had a blog on yahoo 360 back in the day was way beyond frustrated at things not working, had a blog on msnspaces way way back and like 360 the frustration level over things not working caused me to nix that one too. I even had a blog on myspace for a short while and realized noone there really wanted to blog, they just wanted to be trashy and use lots of stupid glittery things on walls, much like facebook used to be. Haven't looked at facebook in a long time. Soo, after trying lots of places I like blogger. Also tried or registered with Live Journal. Tried once long ago to register for the free version of word press and had nothing but trouble, so gave up.

  14. Great post! I've been on WordPress since January ( from blogger) and I am very happy with my self hosted site. Now, if I could just get more people to visit, LOL Hugs! ( P.S. happy we reconnected through google plus.)

  15. Thanks for post. It’s really informative stuff.
    I really like to read.Hope to learn a lot and have a nice experience here! my best regards guys!