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Fish oil capsule close up Now days thousands of studies are relating to cholesterol and fish oil. Fish oil is very effective to lower the level of high cholesterols from your body. It is most perfect diet for health of your heart and to reduce other diseases which are related to age. It is also proved that several age related diseases such as cancer can be easily prevented by proper and healthy diet and by doing physical activities.
One other reason for cholesterol studies and fish oil has to do with risks which are linked with stating drugs. Now most doctors are prescribing statins at an unbelievable pace and even to young people simply because they are overweight. It is very difficult for patients which are suffering from high cholesterols to change their diets. Other than this it is not very hard to give them the supplement of dietary and is much better choice than statins. Most of doctors in world are unaware that statins can cause depletion of coenzyme Q10.
In order to decrease the level of cholesterols you have to do some physical activities. When someone is suffering from the problem of high level of cholesterols, then it is best to consult your doctor. There are many fruits and natural medicines which can help you to reduce the problem of high cholesterols. The high cholesterols and high blood pressure can be decreased easily by doing some physical activities. It has been proved that daily supplements of fish oil increases the level of high density lipoproteins (HDL) and decreases the level of low density lipoproteins (LDL). LDL cholesterols are much more harmful than LDL cholesterols. It is also proved that fish and fish oil is very important for your body to decrease the level of cholesterols. By using fish oil daily or at least once a week you can easily decrease the problem of high cholesterols level.
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  1. I can't take statins so I've been taking fish oil for several years. One thing my doctor told me when I choose my fish oil was to make sure they were made from deep, cold water fish. He said those coming from farm raised were not as effective. I've found one that is reasonably priced that states deep, cold water. That Nature Made. But, I've only found this on the really large bottles. The smaller ones don't state that they are deep, cold water. Fish oil has helped to lower my cholesterol.

  2. My aunt taking it for years...

    This polyunsaturated fats found in fish especially EPA and DHA, have a reputation for being heart-friendly fats because they do not promote atherosclerosis associated with causing heart disease.

  3. I have been taking Omega 3 and it does help me. I'm glad you see the benefits in Omega 3 as well because it is a healthy thing to have. Omega 3 is a fish oil so it's relevant to this topic. I'm glad people are talking about the benefits of Omega 3.