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If you have tried to quit smoking and failed before, take comfort in the fact that most smokers fail several times before quitting successfully. Your past failures are not a lesson that you are unable to quit. Instead, view them as part of the normal journey toward becoming a nonsmoker. The website below will ease your way and help insure that this is the last time you ever need to go through the quitting process. You can do it!
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Even though the addiction of cigarettes has a certain chemical basis, this basis is not likely to be particularly strong, unless you smoke a pack a day or more. When people feel 4515639589uncomfortable or annoyed at the times when they cannot light up a cigarette, such as on an airplane or when in attendance of a certain social occasion, it is mostly psychological. So how to you overcome this psychological dependence and stop smoking?
Chemical Dependency
It is always recommended to seek advice from a physician regarding nicotine replacement therapy if you are a person that smokes one packet or more on a daily basis. Recent research that has been undertaken states that nicotine replacement may not in actual fact lead to higher success rates in remaining a non-smoker for a year or two. However it may prove to be a crucial factor in passing the first few days after quitting smoking with ease.
The extent and intensity of withdrawal symptoms can be significantly reduced with nicotine replacement. As well as this, it can compensate as much as 50% for the reduction in metabolic rate and any other physiological changes that can result in gaining weight when you quit smoking. quitsmoking
Mental Boredom
Boredom plays a big part when it comes to smoking. Even though boredom may not be the primary reason for smoking, lighting and holding a cigarette can become a habit in certain situations for many people. A cigarette is automatically reached for by many people when arriving at a party, having a drink in a bar, when making a telephone call, or when it is necessary for them to wait for something or someone without anything else to occupy themselves with.
Smoking is chosen by many people to simply pass the time when they think that there is nothing else to do. If you fit into this description, then it is imperative that you find different ways to replace the automatic act of smoking.
Adopting a particular behavior rather than smoking can make people feel positive about themselves. This is because they are being successful in resisting a cigarette. Rather than smoking a cigarette, many people choose to sip water, or use a toothpick or cocktail straw in order to do something with their hands and mouth. Certain people choose to complete the daily crossword puzzle in the newspaper, knit, or even pain in order to prove that they have the determination not to smoke.
If a large issue for you personally is boredom, then taking up a hobby will help you to quit smoking. Of course, it would be advised to ensure that you select a hobby that smoking does not go well with. Perhaps playing a computer game, writing, painting, or knitting would be a relaxing and interesting way to pass the time and prevent you from wanting a cigarette.
By: Carol Stack
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