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1. The best web page optimization tactic:
When you optimize your website, optimize different pages of your website for different keyphrases. Start with longer keyword phrases that don't have much competition and then proceed with more competitive keywords.
For example, start with the keywords "buy sneakers in knoxville", "buy cowboy boots in knoxville", "buy pumps in knoxville", "shoe shop knoxville", etc. When you have managed to get high rankings for many of these keyphrases, Google will know that your website is relevant to the topic "shoes".
As soon as Google knows that your website is relevant to the topic, it will be much easier to get high rankings for more competitive keywords such as "buy shoes" or even "shoes".
The more pages of your website you optimize for different but related keywords, the better.
2. The best link building tactic:
It's not always necessary that you have more links than your competitors. You need better links.
Try to get links to your website that use the targeted keyphrase as the link text (also called anchor text) and that point to the web page on your website that has been optimized for that keyphrase.
Don't focus on quantity, focus on quality. Getting hundreds of links from a link farm won't help your website as much a few dozen links from relevant web pages with authority.
If your website has both optimized web pages and good inbound links then it will be easy to outrank web pages that only have one factor.
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  1. You have the same idea as I do about relevant link popularity ranks higher but not just that content is king. Search engine3s Love content, the more content there is the more people will find it. As with my website a majority of my visitors came to my site through my articles content rather then the subject of my site.