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Contained in the Torah: "Thou shalt not boil a calf in its mother's milk."
Our Sages learned the prohibition of cooking, eating, or have any advantage of mixing meat and milk.
The laws of Kashrut while contributing to the physical health of human beings, this is not your main objective. There are deeper meanings, not all within our reach.
God created human beings in the 229735738_2144eab78eworld in 4 levels: mineral, vegetable, animal and human. Each is designed to rise and reach a spiritual level above that it was created, approaching in this way the Creator.
When a plant is watered, water, a mineral inanimate, rises to the level of the plant. The same occurs when an animal eats plants. Also the man has the gift to raise your food, and should also try to elevate to a level above its own - the Divine - by turning to God for fulfilling the mitzvot.
Certain foods, however, were forbidden by the Torah, as the Creator of souls know they are harmful to the Jewish soul, that is, the man is not strong enough to lift them. These lower man to lower levels, away from God.
An example is the eating of blood is prohibited by the Torah. The blood comes from the spiritual source of severity (gevurah). The blood may even be positive, but needs a very special force that man does not have to raise it. Therefore it was lying on the Altar of the Holy Temple, where got enough power to bring benefits under this severe nature, raising it to holiness. Why not have this power, was prohibited from human consumption of blood.
The Talmud says that "the blood is transformed into milk. As soon as the severity of  the blood is broken and divided during the gestation of the calf, for example, one part feeds the fetus, while the other turns into milk, and it is possible to eat it.
The flesh of kosher animal can be eaten, because it comes from the 4087406862_12db26ec96breakdown of the blood that humans have the strength to lift, also the milk can be ingested. But the moment that meat and milk mix back to the original composition of blood, severity, it is harmful to the human soul.
A renowned doctor in Jerusalem published a study that says that certain meat sends transmissions to the brain, while the milk sends other transmissions if there is crossover, they can affect each other. The time needed for the work of the meat ends up that the brain may be clean to receive new gear is exactly 6 hours (the time required by the laws of kashrut to drinking milk after meat).
Thus we believe that the laws of kashrut are very special and bring the soul and the Jewish home a lot of holiness, reaching higher levels. God is the great doctor who specializes in the world - not only provides a remedy for the cure for sickness, but it is a preventive treatment, guided by Torah and mitzvot all steps of human beings: how to behave and that diet must follow in order to not get sick spiritually.
Source: Shalom                                                Image: M.Rummens and Rubberpaw

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