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 8:56pm - Frankfurt am main Image by Wolfgang Staudt 
Frankfurt is known to be one of the greatest urban areas in Europe, due to its size, history, culture and economic value. It is the main seat of the European Central Bank, and the German National Bank. Furthermore, it has been known as a great trade center for about a millennium, so it figures that, throughout the ages, it turned into a really blooming place.
The place is very attractive to tourists, an amalgamation of old-style architecture and the modern skyscrapers that rise above the city. As a matter of fact, Frankfurt is the urban area with most  skyscrapers in the country. It is quite refreshing to admire these buildings from outside the city, and view them stand proud and tall in the middle of this splendid metropolis.

Commerzbank Tower There are almost 10 structures taller than 160 meters, for instance the Commerzbank Tower (which has 259 meters), Messe Turm (257 m, it was the tallest building in Europe for seven years since 1990), the Westendstrase (208meters) and some others. Nonetheless, closer to the ground, you can find whole areas that are totally made of vintage 18 and 19 century boulevards and houses, causing a nice opposition between medieval and contemporary. The old city center, for instance, has a picturesque 19th century appearance, with the impressive Romer building (the traditional town hall), the church and the other edifices close to the trade square. The city center was obliterated by the Allies close to the end of World War Two. The church was 50% tore down on the outside, and utterly burned on the inside. Everything was promptly restored after the war, and today they look astounding, and this is enough to make millions of tourists go to Frankfurt every year.
The old central square also goes by the name of Romerberg, and the things to see there are the cathedral raised seven centuries ago, adorable art galleries and cafes, different structures and a great archeological site where they show vestiges of the Roman town that is the reason why Romerberg has this name. It is definitely worth visiting, particularly because it is near the Zeil shopping mall, a place where shoppers always come across excellent quality products, although the prices are not so appealing.
The old church in Romerberg is called simply the Dom, which means "dome". Raised early in the 14th  century, this is an intriguing building that was the place where monarchs were crowned in the times of the old Holy Roman Empire.

Eiserner Steg The Eiserner Steg in Frankfurt is another attraction. It was created around 1875, and it is totally made out of iron. If you traverse that bridge coming from Romerberg, you will see you are in a point where you can fully admire the beautiful skyscrapers in the financial center of Frankfurt. Then, travelers frequently choose to go and take a glance at the old Opera House, or "Alter Oper", a nice market square with fountains all around, and with the old building that doesn't show opera concerts anymore, but contemporary music concerts, conferences and various events.

Frankfurt Panoramica
There lots more interesting facts about this wonderful city, so I'll speak about them in my next articles. Till then, I hope you are developing an interest in touring this great city, even though this is only the tip of the iceberg.


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