» » » » » NBC: First Images of The Playboy Club and the Musical Smash

During the weekend, even before the Upfront, an event dedicated to the promotion of new programming channels, NBC had already announced some of its wares. However, just this Monday was dedicated to the release of trailers for some of its projects.

Among them, the long awaited Smash, Music you want to become a direct competitor of Glee, FOX. With his debut only scheduled for midseason, in early 2012, the plot which will feature Anjelica Houston, Katharine McPhee and Debra Messing in the cast, revolves around a group of artists who want to build a musical about Marilyn Monroe on Broadway. Although the first images do not give details about the script, it is possible to record a version of "Beautiful"by Christina Aguilera, Katharine's voice.

Meanwhile, the world of Playboy bunnies in the 60 to move the channel as early as next fall season in mid-September. With display scheduled for Mondays, The Playboy Club should focus on the moral and political scenes involving the period.

Besides these, the station should premiere later this year an investigative thriller with a touch of fairy tale, entitled Grimm, a romantic comedy called Free Agents, among others. Watch below the first images of Smash and Playboy Club, and the others on NBC Trailers.

From: Carla Gomes - NA TV

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