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Christmas is approaching and with it the holiday shopping season, which can be a pleasure for some, but for consumers, is synonymous with long hours of walking, queues and headaches.

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In this sense, the organization Consumer Reports has developed some tips to help consumers organize their purchases and get rid of problems. See also:


1 - Make a plan. In other words, decide how much income will go to Christmas shopping and this figure includes the amount to be spent on vacation, for example;

2 - Make a list. Knowing how much you spend, it is ideal to make a list to see who needs a gift. In this case, if the list has grown over the previous year, but the budget has shrunk, consider giving gifts worth more affordable this year;

3 - decided what to buy? So, do a price search. Remember that the Internet can be a great ally in this sense, as it allows not only to make comparisons between stores, but also often between physical and virtual stores, saving, and money, time;

4 - Go buy the web? Do not forget to reserve some money for packaging, freight, and if you give someone who lives far away, for the dispatch of this;

5 - Keep an eye on promotions. They are always welcome and do happen in droves this time of year, but it is worth assessing carefully to see what intrinsic worth. Therefore, the impulse control and careful thought before you buy!


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