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The balls and stars that adorn the Christmas tree represent the primitive rocks, apples or other elements that once adorned the precursor of today's oak tree.

Image: Suat Eman / FreeDigitalPhotos.net
Each of these ornaments have a meaning in itself. Before they were replaced by colored electric lights, candles were common on trees and decorations symbolize purification, with the flame being lit as representing Christ, the light of the world. The shoes are a classic charm to bring good luck.
The usual cones are used as a symbol of immortality and the bells Christmas joy to show. Apples and colored balls, his more traditional variant, developed by Bohemian glass blowers of the 18th century, are signs that attract abundance.
Finally, the stars proclaim God's plan. According to the Bible, every star has an angel who watches over her, a belief that supports the old idea that each one of which fills the sky itself is an angel. What sets the top of the Christmas tree refers to Bethlehem.

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