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This recipe for Christmas turkey is just a real delight. A turkey stuffed with ingredients typical Christmas that will give a special touch to the Christmas dinner for your family. Get ready for the compliments!

1 unit (s) of turkey
only enough salt
only enough lemon
only enough bacon slices
only enough butter to grease

1 / 2 cup (s) (tsp) lemon juice
only enough salt
only enough black pepper white-kingdom
1 unit (s) chopped onion (s)
1 cup (s) (tsp) chopped green odor (s)
5 tooth (s) chopped garlic (s)
600 ml of white wine

8 tablespoon (s) (tablespoons) butter
3 unit (s) chopped onion (s)
20 unit (s) cooked chestnut (s), peeled (s)
200 g seedless raisins (s)
500 g of raw cassava flour
only enough salt
only enough black pepper white-kingdom
2 tooth (s) chopped garlic (s)
1 cup (s) (tsp) chopped parsley (s)
only enough kids cooked turkey (s)


Wash the turkey, rub the lemon and salt on it to get that has any smell. Rinse it well.
Season with all the spices and leave it, since overnight in the refrigerator, soaked in seasoning, turning every 4 hours. The next day, prepare the two fillings and stuff the turkey, being careful not to overfill the crop, sewing, then the wells. If left over crumbs, then it can be served, along with the turkey. Attach the legs of a turkey in the other, decorating, if you like, cut paper, stuck with a line. Smear it all over with butter, place it in the pan, to chat up. Cover the entire breast with bacon slices. Drizzle with half the wine and garlic, strained. Cover with foil and Bake in hot oven. After half an hour, uncover it, pour the broth from the pan and return to oven is still covered. An hour later, find it and take a leave until dark golden, basting every 15 minutes with the broth from the pan. If the juice to dry, add more of the wine and garlic, strained.
For the throat:
Place half the butter in a large skillet, high, let it melt and add 2 grated onions. Saute. Add the raisins and nuts. Cook a little, add 100 grams of flour and stir in the flour to absorb the flavors. Season with salt to taste.

For the body:
Heat the remaining butter, saute the kids chopped (chop finely), the remaining onion and garlic. Add 400 grams of cassava flour and let brown slightly, stirring constantly. Season with salt and pepper. Finally, add the parsley and chives and remove from heat.

Tips: If using seasoned turkey, wash and season, without salt. Follow the rest of the recipe, as usual.
Enjoy...  Bom Apetite... and Merry Christmas!


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