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Christopher Columbus knew the turkey when it came to America. He believed he was coming to India for a new path.

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Therefore, the turkey was known in Italy as gallo d'India (or dindio / Dindo) in France, as coq d'Inde or dinde, and Germany, as calecutischerhahn, a reference to Calcutta.
For its excellent flavor, was soon accepted in Europe. So successful in 1549, was offered to Queen Catherine de Medici in Paris. At the banquet were served one hundred birds (70 "chickens of India" and 30 "cocks of India"). It was so appreciated that became the symbol of food for special occasions.
In America, the turkey was the end of the famine of the early English settlers who arrived there, and is now mandatory dish on Thanksgiving, or Thanksgiving Feast. In Brazil, the bird is appreciated since colonial times.


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