» » » » Intouchables film hit records in France

Financed by French distributor Gaumont, the biopic has racked up $90 million since it debuted Nov. 2.

At this rate, it could unseat "Welcome to the Sticks" and "Titanic" as France's top-grossing film ever. "It's extremely funny, but at the same time it's melodramatic, and you have people crying at the end", Cecile Gaget, director of international sales at Gaumont, told TheWrap.

Gaget describes the film, which is known in France as "Intouchables", as a hybrid of "The King's Speech" and "Driving Miss Daisy". Thus far, the movie has sold 10 million tickets. A third of French moviegoers who've seen "Untouchable" before said they intend to see it a second time, Gaget told TheWrap. The Weinstein Co. purchased remake rights to the film last July and plans to release the French film Stateside.

The deal gives the Weinstein Co. rights in the U.K., Australia, New Zealand, Scandinavia, South Africa and China, as well as distribution rights for pan-Asian satellite television. Apart from France, Gaumont has sold the remaining foreign rights to the picture. "Untouchable" won the best film prize at this year's Tokyo International Film Festival and has received strong reviews. The film has also been released in by Victory in Belgium and by Frenetic in Switzerland, where it has sold 256,000 and 165,000 tickets, respectively.


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