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The sculptures and paintings that adorned the temple to teach the faithful, in addition to theatrical performances semilit├║rgicas that happened during the Christmas mass has inspired you to create the stable, which is now a tradition in Italy, Spain, France, Austrian Tyrol, Germany, Czech Republic, Latin America and the United States.

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The Catholic tradition says that the crib came in the 13th century, when St. Francis of Assisi wanted to celebrate a Christmas as realistic as possible and with the permission of the Pope, set up a manger of straw, with an image of the Infant Jesus, an ox and a living near her ass. In this scenario celebradada in 1223 was the Christmas mass. The success of this representation of the nativity scene was such that rapidly spread throughout Italy. It was soon introduced in the European noble houses and from there was down to the poorer classes.
In Spain, the tradition reached by the hand of the monarch Charles III of Naples that mattered in the 18th century. Its popularity in homes Spanish and Latin American spread throughout the 19th century in France and did not until the early 20th century.

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