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Makes mistakes and is sorry, we suggest some ways you can smile again.

Wait no Magic Ways to Apologize TheGrillMan
WAIT NO MAGIC: no use apologizing if lip service. The business is open the chest and talk about your innermost feelings without fear of the reaction of the other.

Change of Behavior Ways to Apologize TheGrillMan

CHANGE OF BEHAVIOR: apologize with all the letters are difficult? Some prefer to avoid words and change of attitude. For many works.
Give Hug Ways to Apologize TheGrillMan
GIVE A HUG: Everyone knows that a conversation flows better when there is affection between those involved. One way to bring feelings to the surface is giving a hand to the other, lean on your arm, or better yet, give a hug. It seems that barriers are broken down well and is easier to touch the hearts of others.

Wait for other is Calm

WAIT FOR THE OTHER IS CALM: Do not even try to apologize when the other is still blowing smoke through his nose. If yes, have patience and wait the time pass. "Sooner or later he'll understand! Wait for the dust settles talk and explain the situation. "

Send flowers The GrillMan
SEND FLOWERS: if the fear is that others will not accept your request, that give such a way to soften your heart? For this, go to the nearest florist and send a gift to whoever you want to forgive you.

Let the side of Shame TheGrillMan

LET THE SIDE OF SHAME: Look for the person you did wrong and, bluntly, talk to all the letters: "Sorry. " No need to feel shame and apologize to know is a quality look as good as knowing apologize. "I think we apologize and forgive someone is a greatness that has no size, so do not be shy or ashamed to apologize and to forgive. You do not know the weight you will get back. "

Buy Card TheGrillMan

BUY A CARD:  It is sometimes difficult to admit their own mistakes, but we must try. Apologizing means you admit that mistake and is sorry. Know when to admit you are wrong is not a task for anyone. Not everyone can open his mouth to say the word 'sorry'. We ended up redeeming us in other ways, through gestures or messages. Each has their own way of dealing with his own mistake, if you admit you can not apologize immediately. If you can not do it personally, send an e-mail or a card of apology and later call the person to feel that everything is okay or not.


Source: MSN Brasil- Bolsa de Mulher

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