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This morning I washed the dishes from breakfast, then washed the bathroom and was already thinking about making lunch, I decided to read some articles on the internet.
And coincidentally read an article in the HuffPost Divorce titled "Divorce Rates: Couples Who Share Housework Run Higher Risk Of Divorce" honestly I got a fright!
But in my case, that is not serious, because I like to do some things at home that maybe I do not like is being told. If there's something I want to do, I do not notice, but if my wife says (or asks) I do not.
A report made in Norway may well show the everyday life of modern nowadays we see ourselves obliged to share the housework.
Particularly think it's nothing heavy to have to divide the work at home, but also do not want to have to do "everything" in any case depend on the agreement that the couple has. But not for these things to get a divorce!
And you? If you read the article what do you think?

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