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There are days I have been remembering a sweet that my mother did too. She made pumpkin cream. I loved spending in margarine slice of homemade bread and put butter on top of the pumpkin cream. Today after 40 years, I bought two small pumpkins candy in a pan on a gas stove. I passed the bread like old times. A delight. 
The sweet pumpkin cream is simple and easy to prepare.
pumpkin sweet cream recipe thegrillman.blogspot.com


1 pound of peeled pumpkin
3 cups sugar
2 small cinnamon stick
4 cloves


Cut pumpkin into cubes of approximately 3 cm.
Place all ingredients in a saucepan and cook over low heat. When the cubes are soft mash with a fork and let some more.                                                                                Serve cold and Bom Apetite!.
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